GitHub Repos - This site.
   rusty-cvssv3 - I wanted to get my feet wet with Rust. Writing a CVSS 3.0 library was how I ended up practicing.
   ProbabilisticDataStructures - Back in 2016, there wasn't a decent public probabilistic data structures library for C#. I ported Tyler Treat's BoomFilters library.
Assorted Open Source Contributions
   AWS Bottlerocket Scanning Advocacy From a FedRAMP Lens - Comments, from a FedRAMP perspective, to the AWS Bottlerocket team explaining why one might have the need to run Amazon Inspector against it.
   Have I Been Pwned? k-Anonymity Conformity - Updated repos to utilize a newer version of Troy Hunt's password checker when it came out.
   Insecure Random in Sprig - Modified Sprig's random string generators to use a better source of random.
   Nessus Docker Container non-Root User - Added the ability for the Nessus Docker container to run Nessus as a non-Root user in order to adhere to least privilege requirements.
   Slim Down azure-cli Docker Image - Noticed the azure-cli image was larger than it needed to be and fixed it.
   Better S3 Publicity Detection in henry - Noticed that henry was missing an important publicity detection with regards to S3 buckets and fixed it.
   Metasploit Installation Tweak - Fixed Metasploit installation on Amazon Linux.